Shaped Neodymium Magnets

Custom-shaped magnets features the same shape and size of the magnetic generator but has the capability to be customized into any specific shape. In this way, the custom-shaped neodymium magnet can be given the shape as per the specific requirements.
The names of the grades such as n33-n 48, 33h 42h, 33sh 40sh etc are used to specify the thickness of the magnet blade. Among the above-mentioned types, a 33-n 48 is preferred for use in all projects involving electrical resistance.
Sintered neodymium ring magnets can be customized to meet the diverse demands of the customers.
You can custom Shaped Neodymium Magnet with a custom-made disc, ring, disc/ring/block/segment etc. It also has additional features like an adjustable ring/disc and ring/block cutout, adjustable pin number etc.
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